Everything You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Everything You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Let me start by saying that increasing the volume of your breasts is the most common desire among those who turn to aesthetic surgery.

Therefore, don't feel alone or in a small minority in thinking this. Those who come to me with this request usually express dissatisfaction with the size or shape of their breasts, leading them to decide on breast augmentation surgery.

At times, your desire may be to restore the appearance of breasts altered after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or a significant change in weight. Other times, you may be motivated by the desire to correct noticeably asymmetrical breasts.

Whatever your request, I can tell you from now on that my primary goal is always to achieve a harmonious and natural result at the same time. In essence, a result that fully enhances your natural contours.

How to Prepare for the First Visit for Breast Augmentation Surgery

There will be a moment when you decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Exactly at that moment, your fears and uncertainties probably won't have completely vanished, but the desire to change your breasts will prevail decisively. When you reach this point, I ask you to make an effort to clearly define in your mind what you don't like about your breasts and what you would like to achieve.

Perhaps gather photos of women with breasts that you find appealing. All this will help me better understand your expectations.

The Preliminary Visit for Breast Augmentation Surgery: How to Approach It Before and After

Here you are on the day of the first visit. This appointment will ideally be divided into three phases.

In the first phase, I just want to listen to you, perhaps asking you some targeted questions. My goal is to try to understand as accurately as possible what your desires are.

The second phase is a purely technical moment within my expertise. I will examine you, carefully evaluating the size of your breasts as well as the quality of the glandular tissue and skin.

In the third phase, we will try to put it all together and determine whether what you expect is actually achievable or if it is necessary to adjust your expectations a little.

Only when there is full agreement on what can be achieved will I decide to continue the journey together to achieve the goal we have set.

How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery

We are almost there. The surgery date is approaching. What to do at this stage? It's the right time to undergo routine preparatory tests: blood tests, an electrocardiogram, and an ultrasound or mammogram.

At this point, everything should be clear to you. If there are still any doubts, it will certainly not be a problem to contact us by phone. If necessary, a second visit might be recommended to review what we have discussed together.

It is really important that you have understood everything in detail.

What to Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery

The long-awaited moment has arrived. Finally!

At this point, you should already have a clear understanding of what I will do during the surgery. You will know that a silicone prosthesis will be inserted into a surgically created space either under the mammary gland or, more commonly, under the pectoral muscle (dual-plane technique). These prostheses are made of highly cohesive silicone with low viscosity, making them very soft.

The surgical access for breast augmentation is usually made through a small incision (2.5 to 3.5 cm, depending on the size of the prosthesis) along the lower edge of the areola or in the inframammary fold. The choice depends on the anatomical characteristics of your breast, but also somewhat on your preferences.

I perform the final sutures with both absorbable and non-absorbable stitches at various levels. I do not use drains. I always finish the procedure by applying adequate compression with elastic bandages to reduce post-surgical swelling.

This surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or with deep sedation and regional anesthesia. Its duration is approximately 45-60 minutes.

My preference will be to discharge you on the same day. I am absolutely convinced that functional recovery is faster when you return quickly to your familiar environment and daily routines. However, in some cases, I might recommend an overnight stay in the clinic if the clinical situation requires it.

Hybrid or Composite Breast Augmentation Surgery

Now I would like to introduce you to a somewhat more intricate and laborious form of breast augmentation, which has some advantages. I'm talking about Hybrid or Composite Breast Augmentation.

What is it?

Quite simply, it is a standard breast augmentation in which, after placing a prosthesis, we further increase the volume using fat extracted through liposuction from other body areas.

So, as a first fundamental requirement, it is necessary to have reserves of adipose tissue... If you are very thin, you may already understand that this technique may not be suitable for you.

You might ask at this point: "But why use fat when there is already a prosthesis?" Using fat simultaneously with the prosthesis allows us to achieve two important objectives.

The first is a more natural result, having more tissue coverage of the prosthesis itself.

The second is that, in this way, we can use a smaller prosthesis while still aiming for the same final volume. Consequently, the breast will weigh a bit less since fat has a lower specific weight than silicone.

The main disadvantage is a longer time in the operating room. Even in the case of hybrid breast augmentation, you will preferably be discharged on the same day.

Postoperative of Breast Augmentation Surgery: How It Unfolds

Now most of it is done.

In the days following the surgery, you may experience some discomfort. Nothing to worry about, though. You will see that everything is more than manageable with common pain relievers.

The return to your work and leisure activities will happen gradually.

I can tell you that you can resume physically undemanding work within the first week. A few more weeks for slightly more "physical" tasks. Sports activities are allowed after 6 weeks.

I conclude this section by telling you something that might seem obvious. Still, practice often confirms how it is not absolutely so.

Since the prosthesis will also increase the weight of the breast, it is a good practice to get used to wearing a bra regularly, every day. This is to achieve a better and more stable long-term result.

Prostheses Used During Breast Augmentation Surgery

Now I would like to give you some information about the prostheses.

Since 2013, Motiva is the only brand of prosthesis I use in breast augmentation surgery. Given the results compared to those I used in previous years, I currently have no intention of changing.

You should know that these prostheses are characterized by high-quality materials and advanced technological research.

They offer a very low rate of capsular contracture (a complication covered by a 10-year warranty) and a reduced risk of rupture due to increased casing resistance compared to other prostheses. The nanotexturing of this casing (unique to them) allows extensive but less aggressive interaction with the surrounding tissues. This condition is ideal for the modern woman, much more inclined to engage in intense and prolonged sports activities.

In the Ergonomix version, you also have a prosthesis with very low viscosity gel, making it very soft and providing a pleasant natural result even to the touch. In addition to allowing, more than others, a dynamic variability of the prosthesis shape to follow the movements of the breast. In other words, they are more natural even when you move.

How to Achieve a Natural Result of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Achieving a natural result is perhaps the most important goal I try to pursue when performing this surgery.

But what does a "natural result" mean, you might ask?

You should know that a breast is considered naturally shaped when it has about 50-55% of its volume below. The nipple is directed forward and appears to be centrally located in the breast. The roundness and edges of the prosthesis should not be apparent.

So, how can we achieve a natural result? In this regard, I consider four factors fundamental:

The most important aspect is the correct choice of the prosthesis, regardless of its shape. This essentially depends on the diameter of the prosthesis in relation to the base of the breast. Housing the prosthesis in a submuscular pocket, thus with greater tissue coverage. Motiva also offers the option to use Ergonomix prostheses, which, due to their softness, are very dynamic and natural to the touch. As mentioned above regarding composite or hybrid breast augmentation, even with the thickening of your tissues covering the prosthesis—through the complementary use of fat—we can contribute to a more natural result.

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