4 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures After 60 Years

Aesthetic surgery is a medical field that has evolved significantly, especially compared to the end of the last century. There have been changes in surgical techniques, instrumentation, surgical approaches, and aids. However, the most notable change is in people's perception of aesthetic surgery. It is no longer seen as a vanity sin but as a way to feel better at any age.

Concurrently, there has been an undeniable social change. In the 20th century, each age corresponded to a specific role, and each role had its priorities. For example, being a mother, father, or grandparent often relegated everything else to a secondary, almost superfluous position.

Today, things are different. Aging is perceived in a more positive light, leading to the need to age gracefully. It's almost like living a second youth, but with much more experience and self-awareness.

Aesthetic surgery procedures are becoming increasingly transgenerational, with patients over 60 frequently reaching out. However, their aim is not necessarily to look younger but to feel their best.

Until what age can aesthetic surgery be a resource?

The answer is simple. In a healthy patient, there are no significant age limits. Therefore, the crucial moment, especially after 60, is to establish and clarify this aspect. There should be no significant ongoing health issues, particularly with the cardiovascular system. After this, anyone can consider undergoing an aesthetic surgery procedure.

It's worth noting that people generally age better today because they take better care of themselves. There is a much-improved focus on personal health and body care, broadening the pool of potential candidates.

Let's explore which aesthetic surgery procedures are most desired by these 'differently young' individuals.

Face and Eyes

The face and eyes have always played a crucial role in determining one's age and defining a person as 'beautiful' or 'attractive.' Unfortunately, they are also the parts of the body most vulnerable to environmental threats such as pollution, sun exposure, and the relentless pull of gravity over time, particularly when the skin loses elasticity.

  • Nowadays, preventive measures are well-known and include adopting a healthy lifestyle, using science-backed tools such as sunglasses, sun protection, anti-aging creams, detox routines, and nutritive treatments.

  • However, these measures primarily focus on prevention and maintenance, not on reversing existing damage. This is where surgery comes into play, with procedures like facelifts and blepharoplasty.

  • Facelifts tighten and firm up superficial muscles and skin, eliminating the sagging that comes with aging.

  • For optimal results, it's essential to consider adjacent areas. For instance, the neck is often another area that reveals advancing age. While a complete facelift includes a neck lift, less invasive approaches can be effective in the early stages.

  • To address the 'tired' and 'droopy' effect around the periocular region, blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelids) is a trusted solution.


The breast is a relatively small part of the body but laden with meaning, symbolizing the growth and evolution of a woman throughout various life stages.

  • Having firm breasts is like shouting to the world that one is still young. In one's 60s, where time, pregnancies, and menopause have brought changes to the breasts, lifting and reshaping become common procedures.

  • However, it's not uncommon for women to want to free themselves from naturally abundant and heavy breasts during this period.

  • Increasing breast size may also be the dream of a woman who has had small breasts her entire life. Perhaps she postponed this decision due to more pressing issues such as managing a family, raising children, or work. Now might be the time to focus more on oneself and bring to fruition long-held desires.


The last focal point of a 'young' body is the abdomen. Often associated with the concept of being slim, healthy, and beautiful, a flat stomach is a common ideal. However, it's not always true, and when it is, it represents only one aspect of overall health. Nevertheless, it tends to garner all the attention, especially in an era of social media where appearances matter significantly.

How to remedy this?

  • Undoubtedly, a 'suboptimal' lifestyle characterized by little physical activity and imbalanced, abundant meals is the most common and principal reason for an undesirable abdomen. Correcting these aspects becomes fundamental. No body contouring surgery can work well without this foundation.

  • In those over 60, it also means addressing an aesthetic issue stemming from time and various life experiences, such as pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or hormonal changes.

  • Removing the 'apron' effect that may result allows individuals not only to follow trends but also to expose themselves with more confidence. This is no small feat in the age of social media, which certainly affects even those with more life experience.

  • In such cases, the solution to regaining a toned abdomen is undoubtedly abdominoplasty.

Alongside these highly sought-after surgeries, there are many other procedures. Moreover, many individuals over 60 also turn to treatments, primarily fillers and Botox, which are milder but still capable of quickly and non-invasively refreshing the face.

Aesthetic surgery today is by no means a dream for a select few. The target audience has expanded because the field itself has broadened its offerings with increasingly less invasive proposals, significantly limiting possible side effects.

If you are approaching 60 or have already surpassed it but still have the desire to please and feel pleased with yourself, visit my website to understand what aesthetic surgery can offer you. Alternatively, if you prefer a thorough analysis of your current condition and some advice on how to address what doesn't make you feel good, feel free to contact me.

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