Dr. Renato Zaccheddu: Video reviews of my patients

Chirurgo plastico ed estetico Dr Renato Zaccheddu

Marinella's experience - Breast Augmentation

Marinella is a young girl who is already aesthetically very beautiful, but has been unhappy with her breasts since she was a teenager. Now she is finally completely satisfied with her body and much more comfortable in every situation.

"It's amazing how much confidence an intervention can give you!"

Angela's experience - Blepharoplasty

Angela could no longer stand seeing herself tired in the mirror all the time and with a simple operation she regained the joy and confidence to be around others.

"Renato Zaccheddu is truly the best surgeon in Milan, I will thank him for the rest of my life".

Martina's experience - Rhinoplasty

Thanks to Dr Zaccheddu's experience and professionalism, Martina finally achieved the desired result, transforming her appearance and regenerating her self-confidence.

"His great professionalism and helpfulness, his being particularly comprehensive immediately won me over!"

Cristina's experience - Breast Augmentation

Cristina underwent a Hybrid Additive Mastoplasty operation. She underwent this operation because she could not accept her body. These insecurities did not allow her to live her life to the fullest, affecting her psychological well-being.

"Dr. Zaccheddu completely eliminated all my fears, I experienced the surgery calmly and to this day I feel reborn!"

Martina's experience - Rhinoplasty

Martina had no breathing problems, but her nose caused her great embarrassment in her social moments. She finally felt comfortable performing the surgery thanks to the reliability conveyed by the doctor and his team. She now feels 100% self-confident.

"My nose had become a real discomfort over the years. Thanks to Rhinoplasty surgery, everything has changed."

Elisa's experience - Breast Augmentation

After an online search Elisa decided to have the operation thanks to the information she read about the doctor. She is very happy with the way she was looked after before and after the operation.

"The experience was exceptional, Dr Zaccheddu realised a dream that had been with me since I was a teenager. Natural result, fantastic!"

Sharon's experience - Rhinoplasty

Sharon found confidence and kindness in us, which enabled her to decide to have the surgery.

"My experience with Dr. Zaccheddu was nothing short of perfect, I was accompanied excellently throughout!"

Matilde's experience - Rhinoplasty

Matilde got to know us through a simple online search and our meeting then clarified all her doubts.

"He was always by my side step by step and provided help in times of need!"

Laura's experience - Blepharoplasty

Laura performed lower and upper blepharoplasty surgery

"I finally look in the mirror and see myself better!"

Michela's experience - Facelift

Michela decided to have surgery after seeing the result of her friend's operation

"I could see too much sagging on my face!"

Erika's experience - Rhinoplasty

Erika was very indecisive because of her young age, but thanks to the doctor she managed to gain confidence

"I'm very glad I trusted him!"

Veronica's experience - Rhinoplasty

Veronica has greatly improved the quality of her life and feels much freer now

"My situation made me very uncomfortable and did not make me any happier!"

Anais's experience - Mastoplasty

Anais underwent the operation following two pregnancies and an abrupt weight loss

"I could no longer look at myself in the mirror and accept my body!"

Gaia's experience - Rhinoplasty

Gaia decided to have the operation after seeing the result of her sister who had the operation before her.

"Now I see myself as I have always wanted to see myself!"

Carmen's experience - Mastoplasty

Carmen got to know us through a friend and her experience was very positive

"Now I feel well and am finally happy!"

Grazia's experience - Mastoplasty

Grazia met us while accompanying her granddaughter to an examination and immediately got on well with the doctor

"After three pregnancies and an already small starting breast, I decided to have the operation!"

Samanta's experience - Mastoplasty

Samanta saw her body change as a result of her pregnancy

"Now I look at myself in the mirror with joy!"

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"The doctor immediately conveyed confidence and tranquility to me, so I decided to rely on him for a mastoplasty. I couldn't have made a better choice, and I'm extremely happy with the result obtained."

Emily Traversi

"I was meticulously followed even in the days following the surgery (and it was during the Christmas holidays!!). I am extremely satisfied with the result; I feel more beautiful and confident in myself."

Daniela Cianciulli

"In December, I underwent rhinoseptoplasty. Dr. Zaccheddu was an excellent surgeon; he did a perfect job. I'm thrilled with the result, and now I can show my profile without hiding!"

Rosalba Longo

"Renato immediately put me at ease, explaining everything to me calmly, giving me courage and strength that I never thought I had. I had the surgery a month ago, and I would recommend it to everyone."

Rebecca Bonafe

"The doctor understood me right away! I highly recommend relying on him for plastic surgery. Thanks also to his assistant who supported me throughout the whole process, pre and post-operation."

Erica Zola

"I spent a lot of time searching for the 'right' specialist to entrust with my rhinoplasty. When I met Dr. Zaccheddu, I immediately knew he was the right person!"

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