When is it truly appropriate to choose breast reduction surgery?

When is it truly appropriate to choose breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery may be suitable for you if you have overly large and sagging breasts or a significant breast asymmetry. If you find yourself in this situation, you are likely to experience various discomforts or issues:

  • Back pain, especially in the cervical and lumbar regions.

  • Breast region pain.

  • Breathing problems.

  • Dermatitis in the inframammary fold.

  • Grooves corresponding to bra straps.

Additionally, no less important:

  • Limitations in clothing choices.

  • Restrictions in engaging in sports activities.

  • Discomfort in sexual or social life.

The causes of heavy and voluminous breasts are diverse: genetic factors, hormonal receptivity of breast tissue, or excessive weight gain.

During breast reduction surgery, the weight and volume of the breasts are proportionally adjusted through various actions:

  • Excision of excess breast tissue.

  • Removal of excess skin corresponding to the removed volume.

  • Fixation of the gland in a higher position, resulting in the repositioning of the areola-nipple complex higher up.

Breast reduction is a relatively complex procedure that generally yields excellent results when performed by experienced surgeons in suitable facilities.

At what age can breast reduction be performed?

  • If the excessive breast size is genetically determined (which is the case in the majority of instances), the final volume is established during adolescence.

  • In some cases, breasts significantly enlarge only later in life due to hormonal changes or substantial weight gain.

  • In any case, it is advisable to wait until at least adulthood to ensure that complete development has occurred, and the volume will not increase further (excluding the second point in this paragraph).

Breast reduction: is it always the solution?

The answer is affirmative in most cases. There is no other way than surgical intervention to reduce the breasts when they have developed during adolescence. If the cause is related to hormonal dysfunction or excessive weight gain, it may be considered to address these underlying causes first.

The concept of breast reduction also includes breast lift. Indeed, the significant weight inevitably causes it to descend, compounded by gravity. Therefore, in practice, when performing breast reduction, a breast lift is always performed as well.

What scars will you have?

Breast reduction is generally a major surgery that requires fairly long incisions to remove excess volume. Therefore, there will undoubtedly be scars. In particular, these will be positioned:

  • Around the areola.

  • Vertically, from the areola to the inframammary fold.

  • Along the inframammary fold.

Depending on whether it is a moderate or large reduction, there will be a difference in the length of the inframammary scar. While the other two do not change with the extent of reduction. That said, regardless of your situation, once you wear a bra, these scars will not be visible. Moreover, over time, they tend to fade significantly.

Breast reduction: what will the postoperative period be like?

Breast reduction is a particularly invasive procedure but, I assure you, not very painful. Nothing that cannot be resolved with common pain relievers.

  • After 48-72 hours, you can already take the first shower and rid your body of any reminders of the surgery—specifically referring to any preoperative markings and residues of antiseptic solutions.

  • For stitches, you will have to wait two weeks.

  • My advice is to support the breasts immediately and for at least a couple of months with a non-rigid supportive bra.

  • You can resume normal light daily activities after a week.

  • For sports, you will have to wait at least a couple of months.

  • If you wish, and I recommend it, you can start walking on the same day or the day after discharge. Of course, with the necessary precautions.

Breast reduction: are the results permanent?

  • Breast reduction generally provides excellent and long-lasting results regarding volume.

  • As mentioned above, there are situations where the breasts may start to increase in volume during life, but these events are uncommon.

  • However, the results are not permanent concerning shape and position. Your breasts will remain sensitive, like any other breasts, to external factors: gravity, weight gain and loss, pregnancies, and the passage of time. For all these situations, the usual redundant advice applies: daily use of a bra, day and night.

To get an idea of what breast reduction entails, contact me for an appointment, and we'll discuss it together.

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