Everything You Need to Know About Mastopexy Surgery

Everything You Need to Know About Mastopexy Surgery

Imagine the unpleasant sensation (sometimes embarrassment) a woman with sagging and empty breasts might feel when removing her bra. Now, envision that same woman repeating this gesture without necessarily hiding in a room or staying in the dark, shielded from the gaze of others.

Try to quantify the insecurity that such breasts could cause this woman. Consider how much her life could improve without this daily suffering.

Well, this is precisely what mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, can offer.

It is a procedure that corrects the shape of breasts that have lost firmness and descended due to various life events, some controllable and others not.

Before the Mastopexy Surgery Consultation

In preparation for our meeting, I simply ask you to try to have a clear idea in your mind of how you would like your breasts and approximately what volume you desire. This does not mean that this measurement is necessarily the best choice.

This is where the consultation becomes crucial. Perhaps, use photos of women who have undergone similar surgery and whose results you find appealing. All of this will help me better understand your expectations.

Mastopexy Surgery: Preliminary Consultation

I will start with your expectations and desires during our initial meeting. Then, I will delve into specifics, examining the chest and breast conformation, consistency, and skin quality. I will take measurements to gauge the effectiveness of the lift and determine if the use of implants (Augmentative Mastopexy) will be necessary.

I will explain the surgery in detail, discuss potential complications, and guide you on postoperative care.

Before the Mastopexy Surgery

It's almost time. There are three tests you need to undergo: blood tests, an electrocardiogram, and finally, an ultrasound or mammogram.

During this phase, reflect on our discussions during the preliminary consultation. If you have any additional questions or doubts, feel free to contact me, and if necessary, we can schedule additional meetings.

At this point, you should be ready. Arrive at the clinic at the scheduled time after taking a shower, fasting, bringing the test results, a valid ID, and your tax code.

After verifying your consent signatures, taking pre-operative photos, and marking your breasts, you will be ready for the surgery.

What to Expect from Mastopexy Surgery

Now, let's delve into the Mastopexy surgery description, a somewhat peculiar term for surgical breast lift.

The correction can be performed with or without implants. If implants are used, it is referred to as Augmentative Mastopexy.

During the preliminary consultation, I emphasized the importance of choosing small implants. The tissues of sagging breasts have limited containment and support capacities. A large and heavier implant would not contribute to the longevity of the results.

In general, the extent of scars is proportional to the type of correction performed. It ranges from a moderate form of mastopexy – called periareolar – where the scars are only around the areola, to a more extensive mastopexy, leaving scars in the lower part of the breast (either vertical or an inverted T).

The choice of mastopexy type is purely technical and is at my discretion.

The operation takes about two hours, and you will likely be discharged on the same day. In some cases, a one-night stay in the clinic might be recommended. Drains are not used under any circumstances.

After Mastopexy Surgery

Upon returning home, you will use elastic bands for the first week, providing uniform compression on the breasts. A soft and supportive bra is then recommended for 6-8 weeks. After 5-10 days, you can resume lighter daily and work activities.

Intensive physical activity is allowed after 2 months (including running). However, if done moderately and only involving lower body exercises, you can start as early as 4-5 weeks. Regular walks, with gradual intensity, are encouraged from the beginning.

Recommended postoperative check-ups are at 1, 2, 4 weeks; 3-6 months, with more frequent visits if necessary.

One very important thing I strongly advise you to adhere to: if you needed this surgery, it means your breast tissues have poor support capacity. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly use a supportive bra for better long-term results.

You'll understand that this concept is even more valid if you also have implants, as they increase the weight of your breasts.

Breast Implants

This section is relevant only if you decide to undergo Augmentative or Augmentation Mastopexy, which requires the use of implants.

For the past five years, I have exclusively used Motiva implants. Why, you may ask?

You should know that these implants are characterized by high-quality materials and advanced technological research. Motiva implants offer a very low rate of capsular contracture, covered by a 10-year warranty, and reduced rupture risk due to increased envelope resistance compared to other implants.

The nanotexturization of the outer shell, exclusive to Motiva, allows extensive but less aggressive interaction with surrounding tissues. This characteristic aligns with the needs of modern women, who are more inclined to engage in intense and prolonged physical activities.

Among these implants, I particularly like the Ergonomix version, which has a very low viscosity and soft gel, providing a natural and pleasant touch. Moreover, it allows much more dynamic variability in the shape of the implant, following the natural movements of the breast.

How to Achieve a Natural Result with Mastopexy Surgery

What does it mean to have "natural" breasts after surgery?

You'll achieve this when about 50-55% of the volume is represented inferiorly, and the nipple is directed forward, centered in the breast.

Three fundamental factors contribute to achieving a natural result when using implants in mastopexy:

The most important aspect is the correct choice of the implant, regardless of its shape. This depends substantially on the diameter of the implant in relation to the breast's base. Implant placement in a submuscular pocket, providing greater tissue coverage. Motiva implants, especially Ergonomix, offer a dynamic variability of the implant's shape, following the breast's normal movements, due to their softness. You should also know that achieving a natural result in mastopexy without implants is obviously more straightforward, as no foreign body needs to be inserted.

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