What is Facelift? A Guide to Understand It

What is Facelift? A Guide to Understand It

In common language, when the word "facelift" is mentioned, it typically refers to facial rejuvenation surgery. However, in aesthetic surgery, this term encompasses a family of surgeries with a similar mode of action and multiple areas of interest. Let's explore exactly what a facelift is and where it can be performed.

What is Surgical Facelift?

The English term "lift" implies lifting, and in the context of cosmetic surgery, a facelift involves procedures aimed at lifting and restoring certain parts of the body to their original (youthful) position. Here's an overview:

  • Purpose:

    • Executed to restore tone and firmness.

    • Can be performed on various parts of the body.

    • May be combined with other surgeries, usually liposuction and lipofilling (the technique of reusing body fat to add volume).

  • How It Works:

    • Acts on both the skin and superficial muscle layers.

    • Excess skin is removed, creating more tension in the treated area, visually rejuvenating it.

    • Underlying tissues are lifted and repositioned to correct existing sagging.

  • Procedure:

    • Necessary incisions are made in discreet locations whenever possible, such as skin folds, areas with color changes, or hair-bearing regions.

    • The skin layer is separated from the muscle layer.

    • Excess skin is tensioned, and the surplus is removed.

    • Deeper layers are treated with suspension stitches.

    • Surgical closure concludes the procedure.

    • Essential step: the use of a compression garment/band.

      • Mechanically limits swelling.

      • Reduces tension along the scar edges.

      • Helps the remaining skin adapt to underlying tissues.

Who Can Benefit?

Broadly speaking, three main categories of patients can benefit from facelift surgeries:

  1. Natural Aging Effects:

    • Individuals experiencing muscle and skin sagging due to the aging process.

    • Gravity, the natural loss of skin elasticity, external factors, and neglecting self-care contribute to skin deterioration and muscle tone loss.

  2. Weight Loss Achievers:

    • Those who have successfully shed excess weight.

    • Rapid weight loss, especially over 25-30 pounds or more, can lead to significant skin laxity. The skin behaves like clothing that once fit well but now sags.

  3. New Mothers:

    • Post-pregnancy effects on the abdomen and breasts.

    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding can negatively impact the abdominal and breast areas. Significant weight gain during pregnancy can exacerbate the issue.

Where Can It Be Performed?

The facelift, often accompanied by liposuction and lipofilling, is a versatile surgery with various applications:

  • Face:

    • Commonly referred to as a facelift.

    • Aims to reposition lost volumes and eliminate excess skin.

  • Neck:

    • Typically included in a complete facelift but can be performed as a separate procedure known as a neck lift.

  • Breast:

    • For women: Mastopexy or breast lift.

      • Primary goal: Restore shape and tone to optimize the volume of sagging breasts.

      • May include size augmentation using implants.

    • For men: Correction of severe gynecomastia.

      • Corrects male breast development; rarely involves lifting.

  • Abdomen:

    • Abdominoplasty.

      • Varies based on the problem: addresses moderate lower abdominal excess, rectus abdominis muscle separation, or removes significant skin excess.

  • Buttocks:

    • Buttock lift.

    • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): Involves lifting by removing upper buttock skin and increasing volume mainly in the upper buttock using aspirated fat from surrounding areas.

  • Thighs and Arms:

    • Lift procedures exist for both areas, addressing significant skin excess.

In the context of body contouring, which focuses on enhancing body shapes, all these surgeries fall under the umbrella term "Body Contouring," including liposuction without any lifting effect.

In Conclusion:

So, what is a facelift? It's a surgery that manages to subtract years by "lifting" parts that are losing tone due to various reasons. It not only restores a youthful appearance but also rejuvenates one's desire to mirror life. If you want to reverse time for one or more parts of your body, feel free to contact me. Together, we'll explore what can bring back your smile.

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